In the terrain of no-how generation,

Magic & Science,
imaginaries and materialities,
blossom grafted to a single stem;

motile atlas constellations
well up
in the sensible dimension
of felt-sense seismography;

ways of being
are navigated and worlded
with non-expectant expectation;

learning-without-thinking unfurls
through the back-and-forth
of momentum and perception,
viscerally taking a reading
of what was never written.

A No-How Generator
is a habitat
for sustaining generative states
of not-knowing

it is an epistemic generator,
alive with a more-than-rational ecology
of strange knowledges.

Matthias Sperling, 2021

These concluding words of the written element of my artistic doctoral thesis weave together the different ideas and references within it. Click the text to read more about each part.